Types of Websites

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The benefits of an effective website are best outlined after mentioning there are essentially 3 kinds of websites:

  1. A bad website
  2. A good website
  3. An effective website

A bad website is easy to recognize. They are just flat out bad, and often ugly. They hurt your eyes, they have terrible navigation, and/or they are annoying, and they quickly send visitors away irritated, confused, or dizzy. If you could use a good laugh at the expense of some really bad websites, check out Websites That Suck.

A good website is the most common type, but harder to identify because it usually looks just like an effective website. A good website has what every website should have: professional appearance, sensible navigation, good content, etc. It is not difficult to create a good website, so most fall into this category. The problem is, good does not equal effective.

An effective website is the kind with the most benefits. The primary difference between a good website and an effective one, besides profit, is that it anticipates the needs of the customer/visitor and meets those needs. Ironically, these are rare. Most websites try to “sell” rather than address the needs of the visitor. Effective websites require more planning and effort to create, but the rewards are worth it.


Benefits of an Effective Website

  • A website provides an instant visual presentation:
  • A website can be found through search engines:
  • A website is always available:
  • A website is interactive:
  • A website can target each visitor specifically:
  • A website is easily updated:
  • A website saves on printing and mailing costs:
  • A website improves customer relations:


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