A keyword or phrase is nothing more than a category term that describes your content using single words, a two word phrase or a multi-word phrase. Keywords help make searching for content more effective. Surprisingly keywords continue to be misused and abused. Not knowing how to use keywords can lead to poor search engine raking. Here are a few simple tips to consider.

Meta Tag Keywords

Stuff keywords into the page’s meta tag is a very bad practice. This will only earn your site bad page ranking. Choose about 5-10 words to use as keywords. Repeated words looks like you are trying to spam the search engines. Make sure the keywords that your user are present in the body of your content. If your keywords are not in the content then again this looks like spam.

Keywords in the URL and Page Title Bar

The keywords should be present in the URL and also the page title. You’ll need to know some HTML and have access to the web server to do this. The Description meta tag should also contain the keywords.

Derive Keywords From The Content

The body of the content should be based on the chosen keywords. If you already have the content, modify the lines so that the keywords appear in the content. Do not over do this otherwise your page will get penalized. Make sure proper anchor tags are used wherever required.

Keywords in Article Title

Add a word or two into the Title but be sure to keep the title very short yet clear. The title length should be less than 70 characters. The article title should be the only <h1> level heading.

Keyword in Image Tags

The images should have proper description and also accompanied with an alt tag.

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