Pay-On-Result SEO: Our Process


1. How does WebSearch SEO pricing work?

You only pay when you rank in the top 50 of Google, and you only pay when you rank higher than you did when you started. Pricing is based upon the improved rankings achieved for each keyword. The prices in your quotation are fixed for 6 months.

WebSearch SEO provides Upfront Pricing for the Top 50 Positions in defined in (7) Ranking Tiers.

We offer tiered pricing for every keyword:

Tier 1 > Positions 41-50 (Lowest)
Tier 2 > Positions 31-40
Tier 3 > Positions 21-30
Tier 4 > Positions 11-20
Tier 5 > Positions 7-10
Tier 6 > Positions 4-6
Tier 7 > Positions 1-3 (Highest)

Each Tier has a service fee listed that is charged when your site ranks within that range AND has improved its rank from its original rank.

If your site is already ranking in the top 50, the fee is only charged once the ranking improves and is not charged if the ranking drops back to or below the original ranking position.

WebSearch SEO’s upfront pricing is calculated by comparing a number of SEO related factors for both your site and your competition for each keyword.

If you want to cancel before we have completed the 6 month campaign there will be a £150 cancellation charge. This is to cover the initial on page SEO investment we made into your site.


2. How long does it usually take to achieve rankings?

SEO is a slow process. Therefore, we try to set expectations with every customer that this process needs to be a consistent approach which requires patience, and a customized SEO plan. Each customer program is different, although WebSearch SEO expects ranking improvements to occur within the first 2-3 months


3. So this means that WebSearch SEO will begin increasing my site’s rankings before I pay anything?



4. How does WebSearch SEO achieve rankings?

WebSearch SEO uses proven SEO practices to achieve rankings and abides by industry standards.

We will need access to your websites administration panel and/or Server files via FTP to for necessary on-page optimisation and code corrections. We will then focus our efforts on credible link building techniques, relevant blog postings, and other methods of digital marketing in order to build consistent page and domain authority for every customer.


5. How long does this pricing last?

Keyword pricing is locked on the Activation Date, and will not change. After the initial six month period is completed, customers have the following (3) options to consider at their sole discretion:

a) Customer can choose to end the campaign (no cancellation charge applies)

b) Customer can continue with the campaign indefinitely at the quoted prices. Customer can cancel at any time with no charge or move to option C.

C) Customer can choose to transition to “WebSearch SEO’s Maintenance Program” if the keyword ranking reaches the Top 10 positions on Google. If the customer chooses to transition to the “Maintenance Program”, the keyword pricing will be reduced by 50% of the monthly program price.


6. How often are Ranking Reports provided?

Ranking reports are updated on a monthly basis


7. How do I receive Customer Support?

Each customer is assigned an SEO Consultant / Campaign Manager. You can contact your consultant by phone, email or Skype between the hours of 7.30 am and 6.30 pm each working day. Your query will always be responded to within 24 hours


8. How do I get started?

Just let us know which keywords you want to activate from your quotation and we will set up your billing account and campaign.


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