Points to consider for site Optimization

Points to consider for Site Optimization

It is not just having a great looking website that attracts visitors. Optimizing the website is more important. The main intension for Optimizing a website is to attract more and more visitors daily.

The architecture of the design should be crisp and clear in terms of the HTML and CSS Coding. The two important files, robots.txt and a sitemap should be created which allows the search engines to navigate through the website and to index all the pages related to the site.

The Menu structure should be easy for your visitors to navigate. The website should be viewed in other browsers to check for Cross Browser Compatibility and make sure the page is displayed in the same manner as in the other browsers.

Various other techniques needs to be implemented for optimizing the website. The primary step is to do keyword research, based on which the entire website will be structured on. The selected keywords need to be used in the title tags and Meta Description tags. The content should be rich in the keywords and proper anchor tags should be used wherever required. Proper alt tags should be applied to any images that are used in the content area.

Search engine optimization is basically divided into two categories
1. On page optimization and
2. Off page optimization.


The above-mentioned strategies are categorized as On Page Optimization.

Off Page Optimization mainly consists of the following
• Manual Directory Submissions
• Publishing Articles
• Contextual Link Building
• Writing and Distributing Press Releases
• Creating Blogs
• Creating third party webpages
• Social Bookmarking


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Having a good looking website which is also functional has a lot of positive effects to any business. Many of us now understand how important web design is to be able to increase sales, effectiveness and search engine rankings of your website. This makes hiring Web Development and SEO Company a good business move.

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